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Scholar, Yeacher, Friend
Ed. H. E. Chehabi
This book contains 85 essays in six languages about Juan J. Linz (1926-2013), Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political and Social Science at Yale University. Also included are twenty pages of photographs, a complete bibliography of Linz’s works, and syllabi of six of his most famous courses at Yale.

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Setāreh Farmān-Farmāeiān
This book, written in Persian, is a reprint of a seminal sociological study of prostitution in Tehran that was originally published in 1965.

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The Story of an American who died in the cause of Iranian Freedom and Independence
S. Rezazadeh Sahfagh
Howard Conklin Baskerville was born in 1885 in North Platte, Nebraska. He arrived in Tabriz, Iran, in 1907 to teach at the Memorial School of the American Presbyterian Mission. In 1909, Baskerville joined the Iranian freedom fighters' struggle against despotism, having reportedly said: "The only difference between me and these people is my place of birth, and this is not a big difference." He was killed on April 19, 1909, and became the "American Martyr" of the Constitutional Revolution. This little book is the story of his engagement with the Constitutionalists, as told by the Iranian man of letters Sadeq Rezazadeh Shafaq (1892-1971), who was present when Baskerville was shot.

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A Poilitical Biography of Prince Farmān-Farmā
Mansoureh Ettehadieh
Prince 'Abd al-Hoseyn Farmān-Farmā (1858-1939) was one of the most important Iranian statesmen of the Qajar era. His life spanned the reigns of five shahs and two dynasties, and in the course of his long political career he was appointed governor of a number of strategically located provinces at crucial moments in Iranian history and served in many cabinets as minister of interior, justice, and war, briefly acceding to the prime ministership in 1915-16. This political biography traces the ups and downs of his career and evaluates his achievements and failures against the background of political intrigue, the beginnings of popular mobilization, and the machinations of foreign powers fighting each other for control over a country whose strategic location made it a key arena of the Great Game.

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